Be bold in your faith. Rev. Bettie Barta gives a short lesson, then discuss the topic with Prof. Robert Sutton and Rev. Richard Brendan.¬†Retired IUPUI Classical Studies Prof. Robert Sutton, and Richard Brendan of Journey’s Fire, join Rev. Bettie Barta to look at an ancient inscription and how these timeless words bring new meaning to Jesus’ and New Thought teachings.

Original Show: Unity In You; Air Date: 2006; Host: Rev. Bettie Barta; Guests: Robert Sutton, PhD; Rev. Richard Brendan; Audio: Kirk Butler, ASA Studios; Producer: Susan Barta.

A Man You Ought to Know

Rev. Bettie Barta teaches about Jesus of Nazareth, and his teachings, so that we can better handle our day-to-day lives.

Original Show: The Unity Viewpoint; Air Date: Dec. 16, 2012; Host: Rev. Bettie Barta; Producer/Audio: Susan Barta

Five Stones

Five Stones to create a solid foundation for a positive, abundant, and centered lifestyle. Rev. Bettie Barta teaches and provides a short focus on five affirmations (copies here).¬† Sally Applegate-Rodeman and Cathy Hill present “The Power of One”.
Show: The Unity Viewpoint; Original Air Date: Aug. 26, 2012; Host: Rev. Bettie Barta; Producer/Audio: Susan Barta.