We held the Memorial Service via Zoom, April 7, 2021, 4:30 PM EDT.

Rev. Bettie L. Barta, July 7, 1925-March 4, 2021, Indianapolis, IN. USA

On Thursday evening I said my last goodbye to an amazing Spiritual Leader, miracle worker, musician, Unity Minister & Licensed Unity Teacher, and to me and my brothers, home room parent, chaperone, spider chaser, caregiver — our mother. Rev. Bettie L. Barta was in control to the end, centered in the Love of God and the ‘Peace that passeth all understanding,’ making her choice to step to a new experience on March 4, 2021.

Through her work as a minister, she officiated at weddings, funerals, christenings, hosted a radio program for three decades, served on many boards in the community and the Unity Movement. She was also a musician and arts advocate. You can read about her career on the About page.

Or you knew her from her private everyday life as wife to Louie E. Barta, and mother to Michael Dan, John David, and Patricia Susan; step children Louie E. Barta, III and Rosemary Leslie. She also enjoyed eight grandchildren and step grandchildren, and many great grandchildren.

I had the privilege of assisting her in her work; traveling to conferences and committee meetings, family crisis support calls, weddings, and memorials. After ‘retiring’ from her thirty-year employment at Unity of Indianapolis with Rev. Charles Roth, she enjoyed the last years of being with my father, her husband of 52 years. Then started Unity North Truth Center on the Marion County-Hamilton County line. Soon, she was back on radio in a talk show format with people from all walks of life: Dupty Mayors, physicist Fred Allen Wolfe, faith leaders from all disciplines, professors, authors. My blessing was to be the producer of the show, the voice in her ear, safe guarding the magical energy these shows when she would sit down in conversation with her guests and seek out our common bonds in the human spiritual connection. The half-hour show tracked in the Nielsen ratings for several years.

I’ve watched her work miracles. And it wasn’t until now, being the person next to the bed while a loved one transitions, did I really grasp the difference her presence, holding the light of truth, made in those situations. She always parted from the person ‘going through’ a difficult situation holding them in her heart and light, knowing the Truth for them, even if emotions or illness didn’t allow them to hold it for themselves. Rev. Bettie didn’t just believe the principles of Mind Action, it was who she was, how she breathed, and manifested a blessed life for herself, and blessed others who surrounded her.

Over a life of 95 years, she touched so many in many walks of life. You may be one of them. The best way to know who Bettie Barta was and is, is through our memories and stories: please share your story of your time together. Please use the comments section below to share your words, photos, recordings, moving images.

If you feel you ‘owe’ her because of the way she touched your life, the only ‘payback’ is for you to live the lessons she taught:

  • “As a child of God, there is good for you and you ought to have it.” Stop blocking and start seeking, opening, accepting.
  • God (Good) can only do what he can do through you, that the Universal can only experience through you.
  • Every emotion-thought you send out you have to experience first. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • Where you put your words, actions and thoughts is where your belief and focus truly are, and thus what you pull into your life experience; the beauty of change is that it is always happening. “Everything is in flux.”
  • “There’s not a spot where God is not.”, “Expect A Miracle.”, “In every moment of every day, hour, you are choosing the life you want, the relationship, the prosperity, the health, the purpose and passion. Live in the now, choose in the now, keep connected to Spirit, God, Good, and let Infinite Source do the rest.”

Donations can be made to Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity, or Indianapolis Opera

This website offers some of her radio programs and lessons from over the years. Soon the list will be expanded, so check back often.

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  1. Connie Dawson white

    Bettie was a loving dear friend and mentor of mine for many years. I worked for her in the Unity office for many years. She officiated at weddings and funerals for our large family over the years. You could always call her when you had a spiritual need and she would deliver kind words of wisdom that always made the situation better. Her positive views reflected her positive attitude toward life and she showered these beliefs to her congregants, friends and family. Words will never begin to express what a positive impact she had on my life and many others. Rest In Peace my beloved friend.

  2. Steve Feldman

    Rev. Bettie Barta was a great spiritual teacher. I use her lessons in my daily life. Her meditations always brought a sense of peace and a deeper understanding. Her words inspired many of the songs I wrote while attending Unity North. I felt a great connection with Bettie. She touched and blessed so many lives. Prayers of comfort, love, and peace for all family and friends.

  3. Choice Edwards

    Rev, Bettie is still a giant in the Unity Movement!

  4. Linda Bond

    Bettie Barta. My spiritual hero. The one who knew The Secret long before the rest of the world caught on. The one who taught me Truth and the real meaning of gratitude. The one who gave me a pathway to God (Good). “Never say something is too good to be true; only what is Good is true,” she taught me. The one who married me and christened my children. The one who, upon learning I was an alcoholic when I got out of treatment and went back to work for her, simply said “I always thought you looked a little green.” No judgment, just a funny Bettie thing to say. The one who defended her Harley riding, mini skirt wearing secretary when the board of directors wanted to get rid of me for looking more like a punk rock metal head than a proper church secretary. The one who one day told me that a baby girl with dark hair and big blue eyes had come to her the night before to let her know she was here. Being young and single, I immediately declared “Don’t look at me!!!” Nine months later when she came to visit me and my new daughter in the hospital, I asked if this looked like the baby who had come to her that night. It’s her, she said. THAT is the depth of Bettie’s spiritual connection with the universe. It was perhaps unknowingly that she passed on to me spiritual principles that have carried me through life since she first touched mine some 31 years ago. I cannot imagine where I would be today had she not blessed me so with her teachings, and my gratitude for her will never falter. Bettie will be part of my heart and soul always.

  5. Paul Fischer and Dannie Chandler

    We will miss you dear friend! Your wisdom helped guide us so often and encouraged us to look inside to find our true selves. You were there to comfort us when needed and to give us that gentle push when we didn’t believe in ourselves but you did. We’re so grateful that our paths crossed on this journey that we call life. Your teachings have helped us to be better Truth Students, May we continue to learn though our memories of you. We send you our Love and Blessings as you continue on your next stage of life. Paul and Dannie

  6. I was privileged to have known Bettie, my colleague and friend. I remember when I first met her at a ministers luncheon in Cincinnati and became instant friends. When I was in between ministries she booked me many times at her church on the north side of Indianapolis. It was right next to Trader Joe’s and after visiting her and Susan, I’d literally hop over to the store and do some shopping. I fondly remember our lunches at the MCL cafeteria in Castleton. She always picked up the tab. I’m so glad I got to see her one more time at Unity of Indianapolis a few years ago when she was guest speaking. Blessings and love to you, Bettie!

  7. Sally Applegate-Rodeman

    Reverend Bettie Barta did not need the title “Reverend” or any other title. She lived New Thought teachings and spirituality and taught spontaneously as she went about living. She changed people’s lives along the way. It is who she was. Mine is one of the lives she permanently changed. I have already written nearly two pages, single spaced, about Bettie and my rich experience with her. I am not yet finished. I treasure the opportunity I had to know her since 1989.

  8. Marcia McCartney

    Rev. Bettie was my FLP(Field Licensing Program) sponsor/mentor and walked with me during my 4 years of field training to become a Unity minister. She was a friend as well as spiritual wayshower. She always listened to me and supported me in getting clarity on the issues of leadership in my early days in ministry and beyond. Rev. Bettie had a way of honing in on just the right questions to ask to help bring understanding and deeper truth to any situation. I am the minister I am today because of her guidance and mentorship. Thank you eternally Rev. Bettie for being there for me and many others during your journey as the amazing spiritual being and teacher of Truth that you were in this lifetime.❤
    Blessings to the family.


    Gratitude for Blessed, Beauteous, Bold, Blissful BETTIE BARTA. You have eternally inspired my life and the lives of many on the planet. Thank you for the way you lived a blessed life as a gift and a teaching. On the day you released your body, you even chose the only day of the year that comes with a message. March 4th….March forth & make a difference! You are so very much loved and appreciated!

    R – Radiant, Real, Reassuring
    E- Elevated consciousness, Exceptional, Enlightened
    V- Visionary, Vivacious, Virtuous, Vibrant

    B- Balanced, Big-hearted, Brilliant
    E- Empathetic, Empowering, Eloquent, Enthusiastic
    T- Thoughtful, Thankful, Touching
    T- Timeless Teacher of Truth
    I- Inspiring, Imaginative, Illuminating,
    E- Elegant, Easy-going, Ecumenical, Educated

    B- Brilliant, Beneficent, Busy, Buoyant, Brave
    A- Agreeable, Accepting, Allowing, Active, Adaptable
    R- Remarkable, Responsive, Rare
    T- Trusting the Christhood in everyone
    A- Adaptable, Adventurous, Admired

  10. Louise Dunn

    My heart is so full of Bettie memories that it’s hard to find words for them. Most of all I honor Rev. Bettie as the consummate Unity teacher. She always had a Truth principle for whatever challenge was before her or those she ministered to so faithfully. For so many years at Unity of Indianapolis and then at Unity North, she listened patiently and lovingly to all who called in or came to see her. Then she would respond with an affirmation to perfectly match what was shared. Bettie was, and in my heart will always be, the perfect walking example of the Fillmore teachings. She embodied them beautifully and completely and when she spoke, I listened. She manifested miracles for countless people that she taught, ministered to, and prayed for. Her faith lives on in all of us who had the great joy and privilege of walking this world a little while with her. A most joyful ongoing life to you, dearest Bettie.

  11. Peggy

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. This is what I think of when I think of Bettie. She was the antithesis of peace. You could even feel it when in her presence. It was her gift and she gave it freely. For me, she had a wonderful way of lessening my worries and anxieties. She was an excellent listener. Hard to find in this day and age. When you were with Bettie you felt like you were the only person in the world. Bettie found humor in everything and never took herself too seriously. We would just laugh and laugh all night. Like with so many Bettie was a caring and good friend. She’ll be missed. I am sure she made St. Francis proud. What the heck they’re probably up there comparing notes. Goodbye for now. If God so chooses, we’ve got some good times ahead.

  12. Dan Tuttle

    I first knew of Bettie from back in 1969 upon my first visit to Unity of Indianapolis. She expressed such joy in her singing. I much later got to hear her on the radio from her programs from Unity North and actually got to meet her. Her inspirational words has helped me thru a lot in the past 24 years and I treasure the special times we spent sharing music , memories and ideas of truth. I am blessed to have many recordings of her through the years that I can still listen to. Bettie, you brought so much light and love in to this world and I am truly Grateful.

  13. Helen McClain

    Bettie is an incredible soul who dedicated her life in helping others to recognize the worth, value, significance, purpose and belonging of their lives through acknowledging God – Love already living within their own selves. She will continue to be known and honored by following truth, integrity, principles and grace that she freely taught and modeled. I am grateful that our labyrinth paths of life crossed at Unity North many years ago. I will always remember Bettie and her Unity truth teachings both spoken and lived. In remembrance and with gratitude, Helen McClain

  14. Jerry Burris York and Debbie York Hamstra

    Well I doubt you will have too many memories quite as old as my moms. You see Mom (96 in May) and Bettie were lifelong friends for 90 yrs.
    A little history:
    Bettie and mom went to grade school together. School #67. They were 6 years of age. During their school days not even a boyfriend would come between their friendship. They went to George Washington High School where Bettie and my dad, Bill York, also became friends. Mom remembers Bettie had a beautiful voice and their music teacher, Mrs. Scherf, always picked her for the solos. Even after high school, WWII and marriage their friendship survived. I, personally, remember going to their home on Livingston when we were young and playing with all of you. Mom remembers when you were born and always kept up on each of your lives and accomplishments. To our amazement when my hubby and I bought a lake house at Heritage Lake god blessed us with neighbors, Peggy & Greg Purvis. Much to our surprise they lived by Bettie and Susan. Mom and Bettie were able to renew their friendship and spend time with each other even in their 90’s. How many of us are so blessed? It is with sadness in her heart to learn of her last oldest lifelong friends passing. She knows they will be reunited and giggle, laugh and reminisce. Mom looks forward in hearing her beautiful voice once more. Per my mom “she was a great gal and dear dear friend”. “I loved her and her children as well”. Thank you Lord for sharing Bettie with us❤️

  15. Joe Masner II

    Aunt Bettie was a great lady. I can’t help but smile as I think about her. She was beautiful inside and out. She was generous and loving to my family when we lived next door on Rochester. I vaguely remember her playing piano and singing at the home on Rochester. Her smile and laugh were warm and generous. Her eyes seemed to twinkle when she laughed. She will be missed.

  16. Beautiful Bettie, we see you radiant and happy and free, as always. We never knew a wiser, kinder soul. You always listened with such compassion and you always spoke with healing grace and you lifted all our lives. Be free, Beloved, Sacred Friend.

  17. Florence Knowlton

    Just want to say how thankful I am for having the privilege of having Bettie as part of my life.. Her gentleness, nonjudgmental attitude and her sweet ( even if she didn’t agree with you ?)… Everytime she was giving the lesson is say.. Nope, not taking notes today.. Only to scurry around looking for pen and paper.. Thank you for the many lessons I learned about myself and others through your teaching..i bless you as you experience your next journey .❤️?

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