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UNITY Teacher, Emma Curtis Hopkins wrote: “Imagine if you will a great reservoir, out of which lead innumerable small rivulets or channels. At the farther end each channel opens into a small fountain.  This fountain is not only being continually filled and replenished from the reservoir, but is itself a radiating center whence is given out in all directions that which it receives, so that all who come within its radius are refreshed and blessed.
“This is our relation to God.  Each one of us is a radiating center.  Each one ….. is the little fountain at the far end of a channel, the other end of which leads out from all there is in God.  This fountain represents our free-will or individuality as separate from the Great Reservoir, God, and yet as one with Him in that we are constantly fed and renewed from Him, and without Him we are nothing.
“Each of us . . . may receive from God unlimited good of whatever kind we desire, and radiate it to all around us.  But remember, we must radiate it if we would receive more.  Stagnation is death.
“God is All-Good, always good, always love.  He never changes–no matter what we do or may have done.  He is always trying to pour more of Himself through us into visibility so as to make us grander, larger, fuller, free individuals.”
When you awaken each morning thoughts may fill your mind with responsibilities for loved ones, preparation for the coming day, excitement about the Holidays, yet, wishing it was all behind and put back on the shelf for next year.  RELAX;  You will get it right. God’s loving Inspiration will lead you to the best possible outcome for all concerned.  You are here on this planet at this time to represent God. God has no hands and arms to touch our tender skin; throw His arms around us and tell us it’s going to come out all right.  We ‘just know.’  This is where patience and trust come.
Take time every day to find a private comfortable place physically and mentally and listen.  God speaks through the beauty of the new fallen snow, the birds swirling above seeking a resting place, the resilience of the foul on the semi frozen pond.  These are reminders that we are never alone   The order of the Universe is still activated even when we are “going through” an unwanted experience.
Remind your mind as often as needed:
Take a long, deep breath, inwardly smile, (outwardly if you are alone)  and re-remember the affirmation from our First Grade students:
In other words, we just can’t get away from God.  You are already in the stream of God’s Healing Love so relax, it’s gonna be all right.
Bless you my Friend, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS  now and each tomorrow!
Rev.Bettie      12-14-13

Bettie Barta

Rev. Bettie Barta grew up with two passions, music and New Thought. She has served as a Unity minister since 1987, but has worked in some role in service at Unity since 1937.

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