I was just watching a clip from a U-tube article involving the emotional struggle of the people in Cairo. We could duplicate their demands in all of us when we acknowledge just how much more we could do each day for our human family. Most of us seem to struggle for freedom in one way or the other. Some want freedom from debt, some seek freedom from feeling lost or abandoned by family or friends, and yes, even their government. Is there an answer for any of these? I think so. Begin by strengthening the image of the most important person in your life—You!

Find something, something to be happy about even if it is as inoculates as a tiny blade of grass. It is life. You are life, Celebrate!

Next, start developing a sense of non-resistance. Resistance can cause painful friction. A calm, alert, observation and patiently doing what is next to do can handle any situation. Non-resistance isn’t easy. We want it fixed and right now…but all of the pieces have to be in place before the answer can come.

And when the next move takes more time than you think it should, Be Still. If you are filled with fear, frustration, fright, and maybe fight, Spirit, God, George (whatever you want to call that Inner Center where you’re really productive answers lie) will reveal your next move.. Yes BE STILL. For in that Stillness comes the answer you are truly needing. And…when it come, get the heck up and do it!

God Bless you, Friend.

Bettie Barta

Rev. Bettie Barta grew up with two passions, music and New Thought. She has served as a Unity minister since 1987, but has worked in some role in service at Unity since 1937.