The Unity Viewpoint…thinking from the Center out.
The Unity Viewpoint was the title of many radio broadcast programs starting with Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore. In Indianapolis, Rev. Charles Roth presented his 15-minute weekly talks on WICR for decades. Assisting Rev. Roth was Rev. Bettie Barta, who has been a lifetime Unity Truth student and teacher (her mom brought her to Unity as a preschooler).
Starting in 2000, Rev. Bettie Barta brought the program back to the airwaves, on WICR 88.7 FM; called Unity In You, Unity Roundtable, The Unity Viewpoint, airing at various times on Saturdays or Sundays. The program took on several formats — call-in, lesson followed by discussion, discussion, replay of Sunday lessons, and has featured a wide variety of guests from ministers, rabbi, Inman, social leaders, authors, a deputy mayor, healers and doctors.

The Unity Viewpoint has often been “different”, as it has always taken the position that every (hu)man, everything is connected through Divine Mind, God, Good, Divine Love, Source, the One; that Substance is molded and shaped by Creative Mind, of which everyone has and uses; and that through a process our thought-beliefs, words, visualizations, influence our life experience. Every lesson or discussion is focused on teaching and exploring these concepts so our everyday better reflects our abundant, loved, powerful Spirit within.
The Unity Viewpoint is no longer producing new program, at this time anyway. The program aired in the 1960s through 1986 with Rev. Charles Roth on WIBC; 1986 to 1996 with Rev. Dick Everts and Rev. Bettie Barta; and 2000 through 2012 with Rev. Bettie Barta on WICR. Over the years the format has changed, a commentary or inspirational message, a discussion or talk program, and replay of Sunday lessons. The program was named after the radio program by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore.
Host: Rev. Bettie Barta
Producer: Susan Barta

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