What Is Prosperity?

First we need to decide what prosperity is…what does it mean for each of us? If I asked you to tell the person next to you what would make you feel prosperous (and remember it basically is a feeling) what would be your answer? Win the lottery, inherit a million, marry a wealthy person?

Whatever you answer is right for you; but are you willing to do the work that will provide lasting prosperity? Life is give and take. You have to do your part to get things going.

Are you ready to be prosperous? We are spiritual beings, more than a body, more than an intellect or emotions. We are basically Spirit, an expression of the universal Spirit of God. In this basic spiritual nature we are equipped with the potentialities for prosperity, just as a diamond is equipped to shine brilliantly when it is cleaned and polished to reveal its true nature.

We erect barriers to our prosperity that is just as effective as a huge mirror placed toward the sun will defect the rays back to the sun. Our prosperity barrier is our lack-oriented thoughts and attitudes and beliefs. As long as we are thinking there isn’t enough, we are not ready for our good. We are merely giving lip service to our desire but we are not really, deep down ready.

Are you ready to accept your prosperity? As long as you hold “I’ll be lucky if I can just get by … attitude, or, “All am looking for is to keep my head up awhile longer.” Well, that’s just what you are heading toward because you are not ready in consciousness for your good.

A small thought produces a small result. It is so easy to fall into the lack belief.

Ask yourself, “Am I ready and willing to develop a prosperity consciousness? Am I really ready to accept that God created everything in this earth for me? If you cannot accept that, then it will not be for you. God can only do for you what he can do through you. He can only prosper you if you cooperate with the Law of prosperity. Your consciousness is the only avenue through which your good can come. If you set up blocks of limited beliefs, believe in luck, in the power of circumstances, fear of failure….then the stream can only come into your life in a small trickle.

The spiritual road to prosperity is by way of a change of mind, a denial of beliefs in limitation and then an affirmation that the Spirit of God is expressing through you providing the answer to your needs and desires.

WE sometimes get scared because we can’t see beyond the present, and maybe the present looks quite threatening.

Do you accept that prosperity begins in your mind? Prosperity is a condition. Lack is a condition. To change a condition, you work, not with the condition but with the cause ( which is in your mind, your consciousness) And you do this by a change in thought. “The world is but a looking glass giving back to you what you create in consciousness.”

Now, are you ready to work with the law of attraction? If you had a recorder and recorded the conversation of people going through lack, when you played back their conversations I think you would find that most most of their conversation has to do with being a victim, instead of a victor….

The things they say may be true and factual, but when you learn that dwelling on these ever changing facts, thinking about them, only draws more of the same to you…common sense tells you to stop hurting yourself.. You see, it is our own thoughts and conversations that keep driving away our good. Every limited belief is defecting our good. What we think about the most is what we draw to us.

Consciousness of power releases power. As spiritual beings, children of God, created in God’s own image, we have unlimited power, boundless resources in the “within” of us. But until we awaken to this hidden power and potential, we cannot use it.

Some of you will remember the long used Truth maxim C plus B equals A. Or, that which you can conceive and believe, you can achieve. Nothing ever stands still. All manifestations of life are either in the process of growth or decay. Vision means stretching ahead; seeing and feeling the possibility of attaining that which has not yet been attained. Vision is the generator of growth; it provides the mental form or the invisible, omnipotent substance of Spirit to work through.

Now are you ready to work with the law of increase? The basic nature of Spirit is to increase. You and I block, impede, hold back the inherent tendency of the universe, through our mismanagement of our mind. We set up negative, it won’t work, it can’t be done, where will it come from…blocks in consciousness which is the wrong application of the law of attraction. Fulfill the law and increase will follow.

Are you willing to fulfill the law of desire? Desire is the originating thrust and sustaining power in the development of an idea to its visible expression. Some of us blame bad breaks on lack of ability for our failure. But, insufficient desire is the culprit. If you are ready for prosperity you need to work with this law of desire. Remember, Dr. Emilie Cady says “Desire is God tapping at the door of your heart telling you some good is ready for you.? If you truly desire a thing strongly enough you will have it.”

Do you cooperate with the law of nonresistance? It says if you do not mentally resist a person or condition or circumstance, it cannot possible hurt you. Spiritual nonresistance goes one step farther. It not only refuses to resist or accept any negative through or action, it actually gives love, blessing, and good thought in return for apparent injustice, hurt or anger.

It’s true, this takes self-confidence. You cannot express self-consciousness until you become conscious of the feeling that you are equal to any test that is before you, or until you develop Spiritual self-confidence. You develop this self-confidence by doing the thing at hand to do, whatever it is, then doing the next…not by sitting and complaining or crying that it won’t work. Go ahead, give it a try. God will help you in finding what will work for you. But, you have to shove off first.

Emerson wrote: “Every soul is not only the inlet, but the outlet of all that is in God.” How do we get “all that is in God” into our lives? How else but through our thinking, through our own consciousness. Remember, everything must come thought our own consciousness which means that our good, or seeming miracle can and will manifest for us when we are ready to accept it; when we are willing to give up saying and thinking that “it will never work for me.”

God is providing for you right now but you may have the door closed. You must accept that this good is for you. If it is blocked or dammed up (still there but can’t get through) how is it going to reach you?

Circulation is so important, both in our body and also in our affairs. That which does not circulate decays. Withholding, hoarding causes decay, deterioration. Withholding, hoarding, concealing breaks the law of circulation and brings poverty. The short cut to prosperity is of course tithing. Tithing not only fulfills the law of giving and receiving at the spiritual level, but it builds in the tither, a strong God-consciousness that makes all the other spiritual laws easy, natural, automatic.

Why not stop straining for success. Begin following these two phases of life. Activity…and rest (sleep and waking…day and night…summer and winter….) When there is nothing in the outer that we can do toward our goal at the present time, rest, release the situation to God. Just as sleep refreshed the physical body, so does releasing you’re personal hold on your situation refresh you mind and prepare you for more effective and successful experience.

Eric Butterworth in his book SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS writes “Refuse to indulge in casual conversation about the bad economy, the hight cost of living, or about anything you really do not want to say “Yes” to. Talk only about the things you want to see live and grow. Keep your thoughts centered in the idea of abundance. Keep moving in the direction of your dream.

“The whole of God is present at every point in space at the same time. God doesn’t command go. God doesn’t capriciously move substance from His supply “up there” to fill your need “down here”. Nor does God answer prayer in some special kind of coming forth. God is always present, totally present–as a Presence.” Then Eric quotes Mike Todd. “Many times I have been broke, but I have never been poor.”

Remember gratitude is very important. Assume an attitude of gratitude. You don’t need to wonder what the day will bring. It is an unfolding opportunity to express and grow. You and I are in the express business and growth is what it is all about. Take a moment now an just experience gratitude. Close your eyes and just “feel” grateful. Don’t turn outward, looking for things to give thanks for. Gratitude is not an emotional reaction to the blessing you can count, it is an energy you stir up within you. Resist the temptation for thought such as “I would be grateful if I received a promotion, or maybe a job, or good healthy.” Let there be no stipulation. Just “feel” good, fell grateful.

God Bless You, Friend.

Bettie Barta

Rev. Bettie Barta grew up with two passions, music and New Thought. She has served as a Unity minister since 1987, but has worked in some role in service at Unity since 1937.